Shades of Death Cleanup

Hi all

Right I have had the trip confirmed by Geoff so its definitely happening. Its also going on the VSA program as an official trip and I hope to get a couple of newcomers along.

Objectives are simple:
1. Clean as best we can the large slab of flowstone in the Rootsicle chamber (I’m sure it has a proper name). Plan is to carry in garden gurni’s (VSA agreed to purchase) one each filled with tap water (left to stand overnight in buckets for chemicals to evaporate out) and paint brushes, plastic sheeting and masking tape to keep muddy wash off clean areas. We will tape off the area afterwards and indicate the best track to be used to navigate past this for future visitors.

Note, if anyone has any other ideas on how we can effectively mask off clean flowstone that is downstream of the muddy, to be washed, areas let me know.

2. Take photos of the cleanup. Before/after

3. Take a look around in some of the lower level passages and visit The Promised Land and the passages off the main chamber (down the fixed ladder)

4. Learn a bit more about the cave from Laurie and John, who is also coming along, and if we have some beginners (hoping to get at least two newer VSA people along) pass on the “Keep it clean code” and some knowledge about cave minerals.

I’m really looking forward to this trip, with another BBQ on Sat night.  Geoff said he was going to come and join in and with John and Kim hopefully coming along it should be a right good night.

Let me know your thoughts, i.e best way to clean stal, best wine to have with steak etc

Cheers for now Neil.