VSA Tasmania Trip 2011

The Easter Trip to Mole Creek in Tassie is on. We are caving from Friday the 22nd of April through to Monday 25th April.  I have booked my transport and am in the process of getting the permits. There are some people flying and some taking the boat. Please note the ferry is nearly full so anyone coming should book asap.

This trip is open to EVERYONE including beginners. The caving is technically easy but the main consideration is cold water so a wetsuit is necassary kit. There will be no vertical caving.

I won’t be at the meeting tomorrow night as I have another engagement, but i’m glued to my iPhone so I won’t miss any emails or calls 🙂

Hope to see a big group make it to Tassie this year!!! It is the best caving in Australia, so come along if you can.