Trogalong Conference

Speleo sports in the pool.

More than 70 cavers attended the 29th conference of the Australian Speleological Federation at Galong, NSW from 6th to 11th January.
VSA was represented by 9 members: Susan & Nicholas White, Daryl Carr, Margaret James, Mara Silins, Tom Porritt, Rhys Maddern Wellington, Peter Freeman & Greg Leeder.
Papers were presented by Susan White on Flank margin caves and also by Nicholas White and Daryl Carr on the purchase of Scrubby creek cave.
Other topics of presentations included Jenolan cave surveys, Management of volunteer groups, Cave use by prehistoric people, Cave restoration in Wyanbene, Karst Index Database (KID), Core sampling of calcite deposits, Archiving of club and cave records & Gap creek boulder caves.

Several photographs were entered in the competition by VSA members and three were awarded prize certificates.
Bushfires at nearby Harden were a cause for concern but the local fire brigade controlled them.