Naracoorte Sep. 2013

On 7th Sept VSA met up with cavers from SA at Naracoorte for a weekend of caving and a sit down dinner on Saturday night. The park ranger took a party into Victoria fossil cave to see the bone dig and display of the marsupial lion. (Thylacoleo carnifex)

Fox Cave chamber    Fox Cave sandcone   CEGSA Dinner

This is a sandcone, a common occurence in this region. Sand has poured through a small hole in the cave ceiling and a large cone is built up untill it reaches the top of the chamber. Tree roots hang down to make a curtain in the foreground. Photos by Steve Milner, CEGSA”

After dinner the cavers amused themselves with party games. They did blindfold rope work and battery changes, squeezed through a car tyre and climbed under a table without touching the floor. Even those who did not participate enjoyed the show.