Jun 16 2014

Nullarbor 2014




The Nullarbor expedition members have returned after 3 weeks on the plain. A party of 13 were joined by the park ranger to explore and map the caves and blowholes in the limestone of South Australia.

camp2                        pilot1

This was our home for 3 weeks ,     ,     ,     ,     ,     ,     Our pilot prepares for take off.


VSA member underground. .                                               Some holes are a bit tight.

One member came from Kempsey, NSW, two from Orange, NSW, seven from Victoria, one from Tasmania and two from South Aus. Ken flew search patterns in the ultra light aircraft and recorded the location of any likely geographic features. These included dolines, blowholes, waterholes and anything else of interest. Six motorbikes were used at the request of the park rangers to reduce the impact of 4WD vehicles on the scrub. The bikes provided access to remote areas in minimum time and while they do  occasionally suffer punctures, they do not cause as much trouble as 4WD vehicles. Other search parties were done on foot by driving to the nearest point on the defined track and walking up to 20 Km per day.

Results of our expedition show 238 total features sighted, 198 features located and numbered and total distance flown was 975 Km.