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I got a response from Laurie. Copied below:

From: Laurie Brown (
Sent: Sunday, 22 June 2008 10:15:44 PM
To: Thomas Aberdeen (
Hi Tom
You can get new Oldhams through Peter Farnell at Mine & Safety Lighting in Highett. His Phone number is 95534848. He also makes a light weight battery pack similar to the lorry lite and uses the Oldham head set. These use re-chargeable Ni-cad ‘D’ cells
I have plenty of second hand Oldham lamps and a few Mine Spots and other types minus the lead acid battery, if they want to build there own set up.
Regards Laurie

Hope that helps! These days most of the active members in the club use Princeton Tec Apex Headlights. They are a great light, but unfortunately not water proof. However given how much dry stuff there is in Buchan it is not usually a concern. They go for about $80 if you mailorder from the states, or around $160 if you get them from Anaconda or somewhere.

PS the new calendar is now online. Have a look and see if there are any trips you like the look of.


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