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"Tom Aberdeen":2go1n81j wrote:
Hope that helps! These days most of the active members in the club use Princeton Tec Apex Headlights. They are a great light, but unfortunately not water proof. However given how much dry stuff there is in Buchan it is not usually a concern. They go for about $80 if you mailorder from the states, or around $160 if you get them from Anaconda or somewhere.

FWIW I am doing a mail order sometime in the next week or two of these headlights [1] from basegear – if you want to get one and also want to minimise postage costs drop me a line. I was also contemplating getting a "Petzl Duo LED 5 Headlamp – E69 P" [2] – has any one had any experience with these and can recommend them or not?