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Peter Freeman

Whitey –
1. You’ve expressed interest in digging at the botom of M12 Baby Pierre. I’d be happy to take you down and we can give it a go. My availability is high, so you can pretty much pick a date.
2. Travel – yes, we could share, but your Point Leo location means you would have to travel to a meet-point. In all other respects, logistics for caving at Buchan are good, especially as there’s the very comfortable and low-cost Homeleigh to stay at.
3. Baby Pierre is an interesting cave for various reasons. Digging in the boulders WILL have been tried – Buchan is a well-trogged area. But the whole cave needs a further good look-at. Apart from M12, there are currently many exciting projects and challenges in the area that you might like to be associated with.
4. You seriously should take up VSA membership and come to the meetings. It is the way to become involved, to know who’s who, and to become aware of worthwhile Vic caving opportunities.
5. I suggest that you private email or phone me.