Return to Buchan for outsiders?

Reply To: Buchan for outsiders?


Peter Freeman

Yes Peted – but it’s a compromise. We have issues here that make it best that detailed trip planning be private. When we come to do Forum-based trip reports (the full versions of which are generally published, eventually, in Nargun) we can also raise non-sensitive issues in the Open Access Discussion area, so that such as yourself can comment. Your comments regarding Dogleg Cave were of course quite enlightening for us.

For myself, as I look through trip reports that I have so far put on the VSA Forum, I can see items that I’d like to be VSA-only and items (the majority) that don’t need to be secret. I will address this conundrum by splitting my inputs appropriately between the closed and open areas. For example, ooohing and aaahing about great experiences can be open, as can wondering aloud what is the reason for a certain cave feature or characteristic. If I’m wondering about a possible lead that I may want to follow up, myself, then I may confine it (at that stage) to the closed area.

A compromise, and rather sad I know, but there we are……