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Peter Freeman

Dammit PeteD ! Now I’ll have to go to WJ again! You have made it quite clear that there [b:1rahht7n][i:1rahht7n]is [/i:1rahht7n][/b:1rahht7n]worthwhile cave beyond the Opera House that we missed.

Our reason for not proceeding –

We hooked our rope around a stalagmite halfway up the wall, and climbed up using foot-loops and hand-loops to where we could just reach a hanging cord. The cord was dark red, approx 3mm diameter, polyethylene by the look of it, with grab-loopps tied in it. It felt safe (we pulled hard), but we couldn’t be sure, so we declined to trust it.

What you have described does sound worthwhile, and your photo’s are great.

FYI, I will PM you the full trip report that I intend to publish in next Nargun (VSA journal).

I love WJ. As I comment in the article, there are not many good caves there, but the very few good one are REALLY good.

Now you’re probably going to tell me there are LOTS of good caves there ……. !?


Hey, keep in touch through the forum. Perhaps you could come cave on our patch sometime.