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Best Chest Harness for Frog SRT


Peter Freeman

I have SRT’d here in Oz for six years now, using the chest harness I first selected: the Petzl ‘Torse’. Having seen, over that time, a large number of alternatives, I must claim to have made the right choice!

Some of the other chest harness arrangements I’ve noticed are quite amazing. The worst consist of several metres of tape wrapped around the body in various bewildering patterns, requiring contortions by their users to get them on, and often several attempts to get the pattern right!

The Torse, by comparison, is simple, and quick to don and adjust. The length-adjusting buckle should lie just below the left shoulder so it is easily reachable with your right hand. To tighten the harness, simply pull on the free end; to loosen it, flip up the tongue on the buckle and stretch your body upright.

Immediately loosening the chest harness is important when arriving at the top or bottom of a pitch, so that you can move easily to get off the rope. Having the chest harness tight (to the point where you can’t stand up straight) is important for efficient prussicking, as it keeps your centre-of-gravity close to the rope.