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Handle Extension on SRTE Stop Descender


Peter Freeman

Very soon after buying my SRTE stop descender in mid-2005, as a beginner to SRT, I extended the handle by slipping a short length of electrical conduit onto it. Only extended about 4cm but it did provide significant extra leverage. I believe some people do this on Petzl Stops too.

I have recently removed that modification. I now find it unnecessary, not because my left hand muscles have grown but because I soon learnt to use the device properly. A number of my early practises were influenced by my belief (based on mis-information from the manufacturer) that the SRTE stop, unlike the Petzl, could be operated in a mode where the handle pressure was the primary descent speed control. While that is partially true, and will work in limited special situations, the device is best used just like the Petzl – the handle is either in or out.

The unnecessary extension had the downside that it could easily get caught up – both while travelling through the cave and even occasionally while in use. So, for anyone who has also done this mod, I suggest that you consider removing it.