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Identifiability of VSA members



Registered forum users who are VSA members and therefore expect to be placed in a user group that allows access to restricted areas are advised that a certain minimum standard of identification may be enforced in future. While it is understood that some people are reluctant to reveal their full name on a widely viewed internet space, a minimally informative web-name will allow the forum administrators to properly judge whether that registered user may be safely added to a user group with greater access.

For example, we would prefer ‘John Citizen’ rather than simply ‘John’. However, ‘JohnC’ would be OK, as would ‘JCitizen’, or even ‘JC’ as long as we don’t already have a member named, for example, James Carpet. And so on.

We invite users, especially VSA members, to review their current user name and consider making it more identifiable. Contact Peter Freeman by forum-based personal email if you wish to do this.