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Lloyd Mills

Hello Whitey,
I am the VSA treasurer/membership secretary
Contact me with questions about what membership to take. Our structures are similar to most ASF clubs.
You don’t have to take a 3 month m’ship. Its for new cavers as a way of trying caving. If you joined now we would give you the rest of this financial year (to 1/6/10) and then the next year for the cost of one year.
You would take out family mship which is a cost structure to save you money. All would initially be associates, but within the family individuals could then apply for Full membership. There is no extra cost for this. A full member is able to then apply for trip leadership. Prior experience with another recognised caving group is certainly counted, but we would like to have seen you at least once on a trip or at a meeting.
My contact details are:
Lloyd Mill 0409167477 (M) 93799634(H)
11 Warner St Essendon 3040
We don’t have any members on the Mornington Pen. the closest is probably Gerhard Noss in Point Lonsdale on the other side of the Rip!