Return to Buchan for outsiders?

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Peter Freeman


Sorry about that! I have now moved the Wee Jasper Trip topic (which contains no sensitive VSA information) from the closed area of the Forum back to the Open Discussion area, so you have access again. We do appreciate your participation in the forum, as with other knowledgable and relevant non-VSA contributors, and I hope that the majority of discussion will still take place in public view. You will, I hope, appreciate that there are some items that we need to keep to ourselves, and this includes [i:86wm8u0n][b:86wm8u0n]some [/b:86wm8u0n][/i:86wm8u0n]trips issues.

To see [i:86wm8u0n][b:86wm8u0n]upcoming [/b:86wm8u0n][/i:86wm8u0n]trips, though, you only need to look on the main VSA website calendar page.

I will answer (or get Tom to answer?) your other issue later. We’d love to help visitors see some of our good caves down here.