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PrincetonTec Warranty Holds Good


Peter Freeman

My SECOND Apex, approximately three years old and having experienced much hard usage, recently developed three problems:

1. One of the 4 side-mounted LEDs went duff (either blinking at a few cycles per second or virtually extinguished, depending on its mood).

2. The plastic around the tilt hinge was severely cracked (in fact, pieces broken off and missing). Although it still felt and worked ok, it was there by a thread and clearly would have failed within the next few usages.

3. Certain other parts of the plastic body were very slightly stress-cracked, which may have been contibuting to its lack of waterproofness.

I took it back to my place of purchase (Paddy Pallin at Ringwood) and it was replaced on-the-spot by a brand new one. So this is my third Apex: the first was replaced under warranty after only about ten months.