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Trip Summary


Peter Freeman

Sat 17th – The Dip. We covered virtually the whole place in around 5 hours. To my gratification we did find Series 3 Extension (and Tom realised that he’d been there before – with Amy and Doug!). S1 upper passage was still missed, but we did do the ‘Heart-Throb’.

Sun 18th – Punchbowl. Again we covered virtually the whole cave, also in about 5 hours. In this cave also I managed to see the parts I’d missed before, and Tom and Ag also enjoyed them and other places in this fabulous cave. The special objectives were the Mezzannine Level, the Strawberry Shortcut, Loxin Chamber and The Crystal Pool: all found after some diligent exploration.

We omitted to visit Signature Cave (done before, and couldn’t be bothered), but we did perform a two-party exchange through Anemone Cave (Peter and Lynn passed Tom and Ag midway through this stupendous [20m] through-cave).

Next we visited Dogleg Cave. We passed through the Sand Trap into the Opera House, but could not ascend the UP Pitch. Not a major issue – we don’t think there’s a lot past there.

Mon 19th – 30m abseil into Dip S2 followed by simple walk-out. Lynn also did this cave, having missed the other two majors due to injury. This was a good experience, but the drop is not long enough! Later on this day we took a tour of Carey’s (Show) Cave. As the electricity had just failed, we four received a special "cavers’ tour" from the proprietor Jeff Kell, using our own lights.

This was a great weekend. Billy Grace Campsite was good, weather warm-to-hot (too many flies), caves great, saw lots of bats. I really love Punchbowl Cave and The Dip. Journey from Melbourne is 680km via Yass (all sealed road), or 600 via Adjilong (includes 30km unsealed).

Thanks to fellow participants Lynne, Tom and Agnes.

Full report later in Nargun.