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Andrew Wight accident

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    Andrew Wight, a well known Victorian cave diver (80s-90s mainly), film maker (Nullarbor Dreaming and many other documentaries), screen writer (Sanctum) died last weekend in a helicopter accident in NSW.

    There was quite a lot of media coverage, eg … 1qzvm.html

    I had met him a couple of times and stayed at his house in Sydney a long time ago and I was a very good friend of his brother (Tim) when I was at Uni.


    Peter Freeman

    This is rather sad news, even for those of us with no personal connection with this obviously inspired, intrepid and capable person. I saw a couple of interviews with him around the time of the Sanctum release. I’m sure it will be a setback for the making of 3D adventure movies in Australia. Worst of all, as usual, tragic for his family.

    Sad and ironic too for us in the caving community, coming after our loss of Agnes, colleague of Andrew in the making of Sanctum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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