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Any Caving at Wilsons Prom?

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    I was down hiking at Wilsons prom over the weekend and noticed a cave beside one of the tracks. We went in and explored a little and got maybe 15-20 meters in before getting to a squeeze we weren’t comfortable doing without suitable gear and protection though it may have gone further. It did not look like anyone had actually gone beyond the squeeze which quite surprised me as the cave is beside a very popular track.

    Does anyone know of any caving down there or has anyone looked for caves that way? We are probably heading down that way again come summer and was contemplating whether it is worth trying to get permission from the rangers to go exploring. Given the number of streams and rock type I figured that there probably is a few caves but they may require a bit of a bush bash to get to.


    Paul Brooker

    Hi Peter

    The only cave of significance is next to the Sealers Cove walking track. You can be assured that this cave has been well and truly pushed to it’s limits ie, beyond the squeeze you talk about.

    If you wanted to look for more boulder type caves you probably would want to visit outside of ‘tourist’ season.





    I have been in z cave and have some photos after the squeeze it drops about 1m and goes down on a slope and back up the other side under the hiking track there is a wall of dirt and fine sand one would need crampons or the like to asend this section there were some cave crickets and spiders when i was there last summer let me kno if u want more info

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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