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Bungonia, January 2012 – Trip report (summary)

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    Peter Freeman

    My summary of the trip (3rd time for me at Bungonia, my favourite Aus mainland caving area) –

    At WJ Chalky, Sil, Dave Chitty and I visited WJ8 Punchbowl Cave for 10 hours. We did the Grand Tour, including abseil from Loxin Chamber Extension into Pitch Chamber (new for me). On the entrance pitch we used an interesting pure alpine rig from Chalky’s bolt in the roof, accessed via an even more interesting traverse up the left wall of the Ante-Chamber. Sil and Dave loved the Crystal Pool, and especially the climb-out up the Laundry Chute ….!

    Next day at Bungonia we almost broke the park’s rule about no hang-gliding: that was when the wind got under Chalky’s large event-tent. Later, Steve Fordyce joined us, arriving at 3am after the weather had settled down.

    On the first Bungonia caving day we attempted a Steampipe-to-Canberra thru-trip, but aborted it at -25m due to bad air. We switched our attention to B22 Acoustic Pot – a lovely little cave with a superb 30m pitch.

    Second day was B84 College Cave – new for me, and long on my to-do list. Despite encountering significant CO2 we bottomed it.

    The last day was best. Chalky took Dave and Sil through B5-B4, via Devil’s Kitchen rather than via the Hairy Traverse. From DK, Steve and I penetrated as far as the Lavatory Pan Squeeze in the Extension, then back out via B5. I had wanted to do the Extension since my 2007 Bungonia visit, and it was even better than I had expected. The size and shape of the areas beyond the Rat Run make that hour-long flat-out crawl worthwhile.

    Overall a great trip – good caving, good company, good food, good travelling, luxury camping. Thanks for the organisation Chalky, and all others too for the experience.

    I assume Chalky will be writing up for Nargun …….?



    Good summary Peter. I’ll write the report on the four caves I did. Can you please write a report on your B4-5 Extension trip.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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