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Congratulations on a vastly improved VSA web site

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    Peter Freeman

    This is so much better! Thanks and congratulations to Brett!

    A few suggestions and questions –

    1. One of my gripes with the old site was that the calendar was always cluttered with old stuff, which made it tedious to get to relevant current notices. I hope we can keep this new place tidy.

    2. The forum will be most useful. One of the things about ancient Narguns that I like was [i:1sryeap6]letters to the editor [/i:1sryeap6]or [i:1sryeap6]open letters to all members[/i:1sryeap6]. We don’t seem to get them now. The forum provides a modern implementation of this channel (assuming the editor and most other members read it …. !).

    3. Is the forum a suitable place to recruit participants for trips? I think it is, but I have one important question in this regard: who will be accepted as registrees? Only VSA members, or all comers, or selectively open to non-members? This may be important also when discussing sensitive issues such as access and exploration leads/rumours.

    4. I wonder how contentious or impolite the forum will be. I happen to be on the STC’s listserver, which is most interesting since I am interested in expanding my caving activities in Tasmania. I am prediminantly a passive observer of course. Generally their messages are mundane (arranging trips, meetings, etc), but sometimes fascinating, especially at times such as their pushing of Tachycardia. Recently the discussion aired a serious stoush between 2 members regarding conservation, which became quite unseemly. I thought at the time that it might have been more appropriately handled by private emails. However, eventually there was no harm done and perhaps the (limited) publicity was, in the long term, beneficial. I hope we can have serious and contentious discussion here, yet remain polite.

    5. In summary, a great new facility for us. Let’s just hope it doesn’t fill up with bullshit like OzCavers!



    The forum (in particular the specifc ‘Trips’ forum) would most definately be a good place to recruit trip participants. I think it is also a good opportunity to potentially recruit new members. Anyone will be able to read the forums which allows people to see what is happening within the club on an ongoing basis, hopefully generating some interest.

    While everyone can read the forums (except the Announcements forum), only those registered with a forum account can post. Registering account requires manual activation by me so that I can filter out any spammers etc. The posts are also moderated (to a degree) so if any spam is posted, it can be removed.

    On the topic of sensitive information, rather than posting it to the forum, there is the facility of sending private personal messages to people.

    Give it go! <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    Anyone can go on a VSA trip. If they aren’t a member of VSA they will need to pay to become an introductory member of VSA, see for details and the application form.

    Any Full Member of VSA can approve applications for introductory membership, although they have to collect the $ and pass the paper work to the committee so they can be registered in the ASF insurance database.

    HTH, Glenn



    I’ve added a few short movies to the website ( now. They are hosted on youtube but they are linked to from the Movie Gallery page (



    Just a quick post to basically echo PF’s opening sentiments. Great job, a great leap forward for us all. Tres exciting, as I’d say on another online forum, except it raises the spectre of PF’s fifth point… <img src=” title=”Wink” />


    Peter Freeman

    We seem to have been stuck at 19 registered Forum users for some time – though I assume there are many passive browsers: VSA members and others. We should again (as Marg did at the last general meeting) call for all or most members to get online here. The forum will be most productive when a wide variety of views is contributed.



    Absolutely. Checking the member list, there’s twenty* registered members of whom eleven have posted. I know we’re a small club and it’s early days, but this forum can be a fantastic opportunity to get some discussion going on club issues, forthcoming trips and so much else of interest. Pretty much what’s going on, true, but there’s scope for an even greater volume.

    And if you’re lurking rather than registered and logged in, there’s parts of the board you can’t read. <img src=” title=”Razz” />

    *One of these appears to be a test account.



    There’s no test accounts :wink:



    You may now all notice I’ve added our logo up in the top left corner of the forum. If you click on this it will direct you to the main vsa website at

    I couldn’t find a quick way of navigating back to the main site so I thought this would do the trick.



    Nice one! <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    For those people that are logged on, there is now a chatroom option available.

    You can join the chatroom by scrolling to the bottom of the main page and clicking on the link.

    A seperate window will pop up and you can type messages in realtime with other logged on members and chat.

    This new functionality should be used for general conversation only and more important stuff should be still placed in the appropriate forums.

    Have fun people.



    I should note that this chat room option is a great way for online group discussions but if you need a more private discussion, there is always the personal messages option (which has been there from day 1).

    Click on ‘You have no new messaages’ up at the top of the screen and you can post a message to an individual forum member that only they will be able to see. This link will change it’s name if you have some personal messaages to read.



    Three cyber cheers for Brett and the new website/forum/chatroom!!!




    PDF versions of meeting minutes dating back to July 2006 as well as some correspondence received by the committee has been added.

    Everyone should give a big thank you to Alex Kariko for putting in the time and effort into preparing these documents.

    <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    Good one APK!

    And good one, Brett, for getting them online so speedily too.

    I think this is a very useful addition to the VSA website and forum. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

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