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Dicksons A access

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    Hi All!

    Just a query. Dicksons ‘A’ (the cave to the rear of B, more on top of the hill, with the sign out the front saying no entry). I am well aware that there is a significant bat colony in the cave, which hybernate during certain times of year, and that interfering with them at that time can kill them (i think by waking them up and altering there fat stores, or something along those lines). However if this is correct, it means there is a time when they are active and entering the cave should be in theory okay. Is this correct?

    Does anyone know for sure at WHAT TIME the bats are vulnerable? And also what Parks Victoria’s official stance is on entry of the cave at that time? And what is their policy on entry at OTHER times?

    I will say, I have been in the cave before, and it is extensive and contains some intersting features, passage and decoration. It is also a good cave for beginners being horizontal and straight forward.

    I would like to enter the cave again if possible. If this is not possible, i would still like to know, so that the correct and accurate information can be passed on to other people. Different people keep telling me different things, so it would be good to set the record straight.

    Many thanks, I hope someone knows for sure.




    Hi Tom. Its on a Caves Reserve managed by Parks Vic, so ask at the Buchan office regarding the current access conditions for Dicksons A. The bats are in torpor during the winter / colder months. A general guide is to avoid bat caves from June – October. If there have been a lot of bats in Dicksons A the back section which they mainly use will contain fresh guano all over the place and will be very smelly. Dicksons B rarely contains bats and guano is not present.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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