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    Hi All

    Recieved this email to the club address last night:

    we’re JeanPierre and Martina, two italian cavers of "Gruppo Speleologico Padovano",
    the caving team of Padua, a city near Venice.
    We arrived in Melbourne three weeks ago, and we think to spend one year
    travelling around Australia.
    We’ll stay in Melbourne other 3 weeks for work, and before we leave we are curious
    to know something more about Victorian caving groups and cavers.
    We bring from Italy our speleological equipments and we have just buy a used car, so
    if it will be possible we hope to visit some caves in Victoria, maybe we could go togheter.
    We’ll be happy if someone of you can meet us this week or next week.

    Sorry for our english but we are still try to learn..

    Thank you, we hope to see you soon.

    JP and Martina

    Anyone feel like playing tour guide?



    Peter Freeman

    Well, on this timescale there’s only this weekend’s visit to Scrubby Creek Cave, and there are several reasons why we wouldn’t offer that to unknown outsiders.

    A little more notice would have helped greatly. Tom, suggest that if they end up in or near Melbourne at the end of their Aus visit, they might contact us again with good notice and we would arrange something interesting.

    It sounds like they WILL be still here, just, for our next monthly meeting, so they could come along to that, if it’s of interest to them … :lol: …. ?

    This reminds me of Giorgio Pannuzzo’s short-notice visit – where we did manage to scramble for his participation in an already-scheduled caving weekend at Buchan.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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