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    Paul Brooker

    As many local cavers will know Homeleigh at Buchan is owned by Rimstone Cooperative Ltd…a group of shareholders of the cooperative that have a background/interest in caving.

    Rimstone offers accommodation to cavers and anyone interested in caves – this is their charter.

    To ensure Homeleigh is a viable entity for Rimstone, guests are also welcome provided they book through the appropriate channels. In recent times this has caused a few problems which need be rectified. When there are guests present without a member (No MIC) Rimstone still needs to ensure the property is being looked after and run properly and of course that all accommodation is paid for. The problem is non members can book via email/phone, use the facility and then not pay.

    To this end it would be good if Rimstone members and cavers could assist with this problem by putting forward suggestions how this could be dealt

    If anyone would like to comment you can do so here on this forum of contact the Rimstone directors direct. See for contact details.

    Thanks and cheers
    Paul B

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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