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High Performance Flashgun Slave Unit

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    <img src=” title=”Very Happy” /> Have just completed assemble and testing of two Flashgun Slave Units that I purchased from David Gibson of the BCRA ( British Cave Rescue Association) Cave radio and electronics group almost a year ago. I purchased these as a kit which I needed to assemble with a soldering iron. Each kit required 1 hour to complete. Visit for details.

    These Slave Units have now been fixed with 2.5mm mono plugs to allow connection to Sunpak Auto 383 Super’s Electronic Flash Gun rated at GN 37 meters. Also recently purchased two mini tripods and two padded Otter Boxes to safely store all the above items in whilst underground.

    My reason for purchasing these Slave Units was their claimed range of 1200m trigged with a flash gun rated at GN 30m.

    So how well do they perform <img src=:” title=”Question” />

    Using a Caonon Ixus 40 as the flash trigger which has a tiny inbuilt flash only capable of 4 meters, I set about finding a quite stretch of straight road to test the sensitivity of the Slave Units.

    I setup the Sunpak 383 with attached Slave Unit on a tripod facing up the road and proceeded to drive away stopping every 100 meters to fire the Ixus 40.

    Well I must say I was very impressed as I was able to trigger the Slave Flash from approx 850 meters away. With this type of sensitivity I should be able to position my Slave Flash units around corners out of direct line of site from the camera.

    :arrow: Looking forward to now learning the art of cave photography.

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