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Jenolan, March 2009 – Trip Report (summary)

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    HI Everyone,

    Just back from Jenolan. Peter and I had a great time, and it is (another) great area.

    On Day 1 we made it into Baralong Cave which is a small to medium sized cave with consistant very good decoration. It is apparently a highly restricted cave due to the formations, which we were able to get into with SUSS by helping transport some dive gear. Two SUSS divers then went through four sumps and then did some work pushing the cave further, while everyone else had a poke around the cave. Some hard work with the tanks and gear, but highly worthwhile. Interesting to see divers at work too.

    Day two was Mammoth, which is Jenolan’s longest system. We had a good look around in several parts of the cave, and made it to Lower River (the lower stream passage) which is also being pushed by divers. The large passage and chambers were impressive, as well as the complexity of the place. Easy to get lost! Not much decoration, but a nice sporty cave and worth going back to. I am lead to believe it is twenty-something kms in surveyed length.

    Joe Sydney was our contact, and he did a great job getting us onto trips and sorting out our permits,as well as making us feel very at home. Many thanks to him. SUSS were also very friendly and accommodating, and a great time was had by all.

    While caving on both days, Joe was testing out his new toy – a ‘Nicola’ radio that allows cave to surface contact, with hardly any gear or fuss. It was a great device and worked a treat. More on that at a VSA meeting soon!

    I’d say we’ll be back one day. Thanks again to Joe and SUSS/HCG.


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