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Limestone Quarry in Lilydale

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    Hi Folks,

    Being a boring non-caving weekend, I thought I would take myself off to look at the limestone quarry in Lilydale today. It is known as the "Cave Hill" Limestone Quarry, so I think it’s a fair bet that there was at some stage at least one cave in there somewhere. Have a look at … 1109.shtml.

    Anyway, I parked my car and walked around the uphill western side of the land surrounding the quarry on some private grazing land. There were at least 2 really obvious holes I could see in the quarry that looked cave like, but they are right at the bottom, and given that the quarry appeared to be running I did not feel like risking a closer look.

    An upstanding moral caver like myself would never condone any sort of tresspassing :oops:

    Does anyone know the history of the area? Or if there was (or is?) any cave bearing limestone? I had a drive around other bits of Lilydale but could see no evidence of any karst. A cave or two so close to Melbourne would be bloody brilliant.




    I might be just a computing retard :oops: but I tried that link and the page couldn’t be found <img src=” title=”Sad” />



    Umm… oops. Try: … 1109.shtml



    Peter Freeman

    Three years ago I also tramped around that place, allured by the "Cave Hill" name. It was before I properly re-started caving. I went around the west side, also on private land, and was even well onto the quarry’s land. It was a Sunday, so there was not much activity there and I kept my head down!

    I saw a cave or two. One was half way down the cliff on the east side, but it would have been easily accessible due to the various overlapping benches in the quarry’s sides. It looked quite a large cave, but I wasn’t prepared to risk a trespass to look in it at that time.

    I imagine that that quarry, like most limestone quarries, has intersected and subsequently destroyed numerous caves over its lifetime.

    On a related topic, out at Geelong near the Hamilton Highway there are many now-abandoned limestone quarries. They might be worth a visit. However, I have slightly researched the limestone there via the web, and I think it’s not hard and massive limestone that’s likey to be caverniferous. Also, there’s not much relief – at least, not much left!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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