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    Hi guys, I guess its time to bite the bullet and if you will have me and my family to join your group. I am finding your membership rules a little confusing though. Can i not just join up my family as a full members? or do i have to go through the 3 month membership? As for being recomended by your members i dont know any, so im not sure how that will go. I have been caving on and off for over 20years, and used to be a member of WASG.

    My worry is with the 3 month membership, i may not even get to go caving in that time as i have a very busy life (as we all have). As for what i could bring to your club, I am a college first aid officer, a divisional superintendent of a St John Ambulance Cadet division with 75 cadets, and a first aid trainer. I could offer your members first aid certificates at a very very reduced cost in all aspects of first aid from Oxygen accreditation to level 2 to defibrillation.

    I would very much like to attend one of your meetings but live on the Mornington Peninsula and do not ever go to Melbourne. If you have a member down this way who would consider giving me a lift, i would love to come.

    PS. I took the advice given by your member and bought a Princeton Apex tec light to replace my oldham’s, It seems to work very well and a great amount of light hours out of 4 AA’s but I dont think its as bright as my Oldhams.




    Marg James

    Hi Whitey, good to hear you’re interested in joining. I’ve passed your post on to VSA Treasurer Lloyd Mill, who is probably the best person to get back to you about our membership system. Cheers, Margaret



    Thanks Margret, i sent an email to Glen Badderley about an upcomming trip to Cape shank, so maybe with luck i can tag along.



    Lloyd Mills

    Hello Whitey,
    I am the VSA treasurer/membership secretary
    Contact me with questions about what membership to take. Our structures are similar to most ASF clubs.
    You don’t have to take a 3 month m’ship. Its for new cavers as a way of trying caving. If you joined now we would give you the rest of this financial year (to 1/6/10) and then the next year for the cost of one year.
    You would take out family mship which is a cost structure to save you money. All would initially be associates, but within the family individuals could then apply for Full membership. There is no extra cost for this. A full member is able to then apply for trip leadership. Prior experience with another recognised caving group is certainly counted, but we would like to have seen you at least once on a trip or at a meeting.
    My contact details are:
    Lloyd Mill 0409167477 (M) 93799634(H)
    11 Warner St Essendon 3040
    We don’t have any members on the Mornington Pen. the closest is probably Gerhard Noss in Point Lonsdale on the other side of the Rip!



    Thanks lLoyd, I joined Glen, Pete, Cath, and more friendly rock hoppers last weekend at Cape Shank checking out the sea caves. I had a great time and the legs are still reminding me. If i had of known, i would of paid in full upfront, but have paid the the $30 as thats what i thought id have to do. Let me know when i need to pay full membership and ill pop it in the post, When do i get access to the forum to join the disscussions?


    Mark White

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