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Mess in Labertouche Cave

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    Six of us went for a quick trip through Labertouche yesterday for a bit of fun and to take a couple of first timers into a cave. While we had fun, there were a few things that we were a bit disgusted about.

    1. As we were driving in, somebody has used bright yellow spray paint on trees with arrows to the cave as well as the words ‘Lab Cave’.

    2. Somebody has laid a fixed line the entire way through the cave following the path of the reflectors. This, while annoying, was actually a bit dangerous when you are trying to climb and keep getting your boots caught in the line.

    3. Somebody has marked the way through the cave with blue crosses.

    4. Somebody (maybe the same person who painted the trees) seems to have ‘enhanced’ the graffiti ‘PV 03’ (I’m pretty sure I remember seeing this in the past in worn white paint) in the cave with bright yellow spray paint.

    Anyone know anything about this mess?


    Peter Freeman

    It was me ! I’ve changed my name to peter Vreeman.



    Different topic slant, same day…

    We actually ran into a group of blokes where we park the cars and greeted them politely. They drove off and we went to rig the ladder. While rigging, they came walking out of the bush and greeted us again. The thing was, they thought we were coming out of the cave then wandered back up to the road conversing about how there were so many people in the area today. A big group of people at the carpark and another big group at the cave.




    Labertouche Cave has always been a bit of a circus. It is the most widely known cave of a reasonable size which is close to Melbourne. Many commercial operators use it and my guess is that they are responsible for the paint job and string line. The cave has suffered enormously over the years but it seems to stand up to abuse fairly well. Nearly every time I have been there another group has shown up. The funniest encounter was a family and kids in white windcheaters and 2 torches, with the father proudly sporting a coil of rope over his shoulders. The scariest encounter was being in the cave and passed by a group of 20 teenagers, with 2 leaders at the tail of the group wearing bike helmets. I politely suggested that bike helmets weren’t appropriate for caving, but didn’t push the point of totally inadequate leadership. At least I haven’t been called out to any more rescues since VSA put through the reflective disk track marking. There hasn’t been a "maintenance" trip for several years, maybe we should do one.



    Is it our responsibility to maintain it? I mean, do we just organise a trip or series of trips or do we actually need to do this in conjunction with a body like parks? I’m happy to kick one off and I’m sure there are plenty of people willing to help out.

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