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New fence around Mitcham Quarry

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    Hi Folks

    For those of you who go to Mitcham Quarry . I ran an SRT Training session there tonight with Andy and Helen Higgins, and a new high fence has been erected. It goes all the way around the quarry, pretty much from the bottom near the creek all the way up to the top where we normally abseil from. It is too high to hop over, but it is easy (for a caver) to squeeze under at the top just near the pitch head, so it is no big deal. They obviously got tired of people using it as an SRT training ground, but forgot that we are pretty damn good at squeezing through and under things.



    Peter Freeman

    Yes, the new fence was there when Miles, Lou and I went a couple of weeks ago; but we discovered, as you did, that access is still easy. It’s a good strong fence – I belayed off it, with a tree as backup!

    I suspect it is not really a response to abseilers. Rather it is probably Eastlink-funded, since the nearby walking track is part of Eastlink Trail and will be expected to attract an increased numbers of users.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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