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News from Giorgio Pannuzzo in Italy

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    Peter Freeman

    Most of you will remember Giorgio, who visited us in Feb 2006. I remain in contact with him, and the following are snippets of news that he has recently sent to me. How I envy their caves!

    > Our summer camp at Mt. Arera was pretty unlucky.
    > We had to suspend our works for a heavy rescue operation in NW Italy: a Croatian caver seriously injuried in a very large cave with many small
    > passages at 2300 m. 4 days and 160/200 rescuers at work to keep the man out.
    > After this we had a very bad weather and AGAIN a French caver injuried in another cave of the same karst area (Marguareis). Another day of rescue operations… and we came back to our mountain and its rain.
    > At the end we explored just a new 10 m pitch and started to dig a very tight passage in a windy cave at -100m.
    > Too much water to continue explorations in the deep branches of "Due Increduli" at -500m.

    > I can send you now good news from our caves:
    > The passage we were digging this summer revealed the top of a 153 meters pitch… very impressive, we called it "Podzilla".
    > The cave, called "Crevazza Fruttari", is 262m deep now and has 3 explored branches under -250m.
    > Just yesterday we started to explore another big branch, stopping ourselves over the top of a really large pitch, short of ropes.

    By the way, the VSA library contains a copy of a VHS tape made by Giorgio’s caving club. Although the narrative is spoken in Italian, it is a delight to watch. I can recommend it to any keen borrower.

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