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Rimstone working bee – 7/8/9 June 2008

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    Posted with permission of Robert Brain, as emailed to Rimstone members Fri, 30 May 2008 20:04:12

    We advertised the forthcoming Rimstone Working Bee a few weeks ago, but left out a couple of very important details. So the purpose of this email is to fill in the blankety-blanks, and also as a reminder. We have quite a few maintenance jobs around the place that really need doing, and we really need your help to put a big dint in the list.

    Any help that you can give us over the weekend will be greatly appreciated. If you have not been to a working bee for a while, then that is a good reason to be there this time. It will be fantastic to have a lot of Rimstone members get together for a great weekend of productivity, fun and just plain old socialising as well.

    [b:1jlbrw9s]Date:[/b:1jlbrw9s] Queens Birthday long weekend (very soon) – 7-8-9 June

    [b:1jlbrw9s]Catering:[/b:1jlbrw9s] We will provide lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday for FREE (to thank you for your help – if you come along).

    [b:1jlbrw9s]ToDo:[/b:1jlbrw9s] If you are able to come along and help us, you need to do 2 things please:

    Phone/email to Gary Coleman – because Gary is trying to juggle the tasks, and allocate them, and make sure we have enough tools (unless you can bring the right tools for a task that Gary has on his list), phone: 9808-3716.

    Book a bed for the weekend (to make sure we don’t run out), by emailing the booking address as given on the Rimstone web site [url:1jlbrw9s][/url:1jlbrw9s], and Lou will be able to take your booking and allocate a room/bed. If you don’t book, you might miss out :-(

    By doing this for us, we will be able to have an accurate count of heads for which to cater :-)=D> and we should not run out of food.

    (But please BYO breakfast and morning/afternoon tea snacks and Monday’s lunch – to properly conserve our/your funds we have to keep a very close eye on our catering expenditure; but do the best we can to thank you for coming.)

    Below is a summary list of most of the jobs to be done (but there are others). If past working bee catering efforts are anything to go by, then our dinners this weekend should be…….

    We look forward to seeing you there to help us.
    best regards

    Rob Brain
    for the Rimstone Directors

    [b:1jlbrw9s]SUMMARY LIST OF TASKS: [/b:1jlbrw9s]
    Storm water drain along the front road to be cleared of grass build up;
    Fix/replace fascia boards on toilet block;
    Northward passge door – install door hardware;
    Fix door snib and architrave around external kitchen door;
    Replace fibreglass roofing sheets on toilet block (and on dining room);
    Finish off verandah roof (NW corner);
    Fix the springing weatherboards on the gables on north side;
    Garden maintenance (vines on front verandah need pruning);
    BBQ needs a concrete slab underneath;
    Finish off 2 renovated bedrooms (finish plaster, and wall below dado, and paint);
    Dining room picture rail;
    On the ex-heavy caving room (#15), complete the removal of the external door, (and insulate the cavity);
    Storm water pipes under front verandah are springing apart.

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