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Tuglow Caves

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    I couldnt sleep last night and found myself watching tv at about 2.00 in the morning. While there was nothing on i switched over to watch the Leyland Brothers and to my suprise it was on the Tuglow caves NSW.

    What a laugh to watch them caving in 1972, after telling the veiwers they were members of a caving club and how dangerous caving was, they went on to explore the cave with ropes you could tie ships up with. Never did i see a belay line on any of them while desending shafts. Carbide lamps were held onto helmets by electrical tape, and only one light source each.

    Couldnt help but think it reminded me when i first got into caving before i joined WASG, of what not to do!

    Photo of Cephalod Waterfall, Tassie. [img]cephalodwaterfall.jpg[/url:16g2ltsc]



    My first proper caving trip was with a hand lantern and a 3 d cell rubber touch gaffer taped to my builders hard hat

    Trip lasted 4 hours and yes we go lost

    Ah…. those were the days lol



    My mates and I ripped the insides out of a dolphin torch, screwed the light on a builders helmet, ran a couple of wires down to the battery which we slung off an army belt from an Aussie Disposals store. Oh the day’s of being young and foolish!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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