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    Two training sessions have been planned for May 2009.

    [b:oor2e0d8]TRIP 1[/b:oor2e0d8]
    [b:oor2e0d8]Date:[/b:oor2e0d8] 16-17 May 2009
    [b:oor2e0d8]What/Where:[/b:oor2e0d8] Beginners Vertical Caving Trip at Buchan
    [b:oor2e0d8]Contact:[/b:oor2e0d8] Chalky Thomas
    [b:oor2e0d8]Extra Details:[/b:oor2e0d8] Refer to the VSA Website Calendar for Details.

    [b:oor2e0d8]TRIP 2[/b:oor2e0d8]
    [b:oor2e0d8]Date:[/b:oor2e0d8] Sunday 31 May 2009-04-23
    [b:oor2e0d8]What/Where:[/b:oor2e0d8] One Day Vertical Training Session at Camels Hump, Mt Macedon.
    [b:oor2e0d8]Contact:[/b:oor2e0d8] Chalky Thomas
    [b:oor2e0d8]Extra Details:[/b:oor2e0d8] Refer to the VSA Website Calendar for Details.



    So far following people have booked into the Vertical Cave Technique training sessions being conducted in May 2009.

    [b:tc0luonu]Trip 1 Buchan 16-17 May 2009[/b:tc0luonu]
    Nicola Thomas
    Tenille Gray
    Agness Milowka
    Erika Silins

    [b:tc0luonu]Trip 2 Camels Hump 31 May 2009[/b:tc0luonu]
    Helena Parker
    Geoff Parker
    Amy Noonan
    Garrett Drago



    <img src=” title=”Sad” /> Disappointedly, I had only one participant, Tenille Gray. Fortunately for her, I was already working in the Buchan area so the trip still went ahead.

    Saturday morning was spent with a rope up a tree at Homeleigh fitting Tenille’s SRT kit and performing various rope maneuvers a couple of meters off the ground. After lunch it was off to ‘Rocky Knob’ to put into practice all the maneuvers learnt in the morning, except with 30 meters of open cliff exposure. Two ropes were set so that I could be beside Tenille observing her perform abseiling / climbing / abseiling changeover, knot bypassing and rope change. Then back to Homeleigh for some food before doing the real thing, a vertical cave. We entered Baby Berger at 7:30PM and abseiled down the main pitch. Both wearing fading headlamps, Tenille went first and was surprised at the depth and size of the 35 meter pitch. I soon followed down. We had a brief look at the resident pair of frogs living in the pool at the bottom before ascending up and out of the cave. Then back to Homeleigh, warm fire, good food and port before retiring at 12:30AM.

    10:00AM Sunday, we went abseiling at ‘Wilson’s Cliff’ practicing basic abseiling using a figure 8 device, no auto-locking descender so good technique required. Returned to Homeleigh for lunch and departed by 2:00PM.

    Overall, a stress free weekend of easy instruction. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />



    The weather was cool so a indoor training venue was chosen in Werribee along with a late start of 10:00AM. Initially, crowded conditions prevailed with four participants (Geoff, Helena, Nicole & Garrett) and three instructors (Naomi, Ian and I) crammed into the small room with two ropes secured to the ceiling.

    Training started with ground training practice using a descender (SRTE Stop) as some participants had never/limited abseiling experience. This was followed by fitting of the SRT kit and basic ascending. After lunch, Naomi and Ian departed as only one instructor was required. Various manoeuvrers such as climbing – abseiling – climbing changeovers, knot bypass whilst climbing /abseiling, rope changing and finally ladder technique were practiced.

    By 4:00PM, most participants had had enough due to fatigue and discomfort.

    Overall, a good day of training in a warm environment which is suitable for training no more than four participants. <img src=” title=”Very Happy” />

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