VSA General Meeting – Presentation “Glenelg River Karst” by Dr. Susan White OAM


8:00 PM - 9:45 PM

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General meeting followed by presentation “Glenelg River Karst” by Susan White.

Meetings are held in the Pastoral Centre at St. Francis church, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
Access is via locked gates from the car park, so you need to be there on time. Somebody will be at the gate until 8pm.

“Glenelg River Karst” by Dr. Susan White OAM

The Glenelg River karst area forms part of a composite karst area on the coastal plains of the Gambier Karst Province. It is concentrated along the Glenelg River and its immediate environs. It has been known as a caving area for many years but its known caves are rather restricted.

Within the Glenelg River karst there are known two sub-areas: the escarpment  (Drik Drik area), and the immediately adjacent incised Glenelg River karst area. The whole area includes several poorly defined cave documentation areas used by the VSA and CEGSA; a small part of the lower southeast of South Australia (L) just to the west of S.A./Victoria border, known as Dry Creek, including areas of pine forest and farmland nearby, and in Victoria, the Glenelg (G), Drik Drik (DD) and poorly documented areas between the fault escarpment and the Glenelg River. Although formed in the Tertiary limestones, like Naracoorte, the caves and the karst landscape evolution are very different.

Pre-Meeting Dinner

For some company try the Melbourne Central Food Court, on second level.
Go to the northern end of Melbourne Central on ground floor.
With Spiga Restaurant at your back you will see an escalator. Go up to the last (second level) to where the escalator ends.
Look for cavers from about 6:30 pm. Plenty of quick, varied & tasty food