Buangor State Park : Cave Hill Creek cave & Cave Hill overhang


All Day

Event Type

Aim:  to find  & explore these 2 features.

They appear to be granite cave/overhang but I have never been there and can only go on second hand information.

There are 2 known features: A small cave located amongst granite boulders choking a small creek and a rock overhang in granite 200 m long and 30 m high. Both are worth investigating.

Date: Sunday 2 September day trip.


·        The area is about 180 km from Melbourne, north west of Beaufort. Beaufort is a bit over 2 hours drive from central Melbourne (longer from the eastern suburbs). Parkweb information : Mount Buangor State Park

·        Meet at 10 am on Sunday in Beaufort at the Home Made Café in the main street (49 Neill St). We will then drive out of Beaufort and look for the cave(s).

·        Equipment:

o   Usual horizontal equipment (helmet with chin strap, 2 sources of light, kneepads, gloves, boiler suit, suitable footwear) and a change of clothes as we will probably get wet.

o   Lunch, wet weather gear. Personal first aid kit

·        All participants will need to be members of VSA. New members can join up as Introductory Members ($50 until 30 June 2019).

·        Contact the leader if you are interested.

Leader: Susan White.  Email: susanqwhite@netspace.net.au or mobile # 0418 320 413