(CANCELED) Exponential Pot (M125)


03/12/2011 - 04/12/2011    
12:00 AM


Homeleigh - Buchan
15 Gelantipy Rd, Buchan, Victoria, 3885

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I have been told that VSA has been granted a permit for a trip into Exponential Pot which
is one of Buchan’s iconic caves. It is a highly complex, well decorated cave of nearly two
kilometers mapped so far. A sort of mega Honeycomb without the wear and tear. The
purpose of the trip is surveying & familiarising with the existing cave. It is not for new
exploration and that has come from Parks.

There are only 4 spots besides the leader. This is a Parks condition. Those spots will be
allocated according to the guidelines adopted earlier in the year. These are included in
this Newsletter. To be considered you must be:

  • Vertically competent with your own gear. The entrance is a narrow vertical slot which opens into a 20m pitch
  • A minimal impact caver who minimises damage to the cave

More details are in the guidelines.
Composition of the party will be decided by the
trip leader Peter Freeman, Program Organiser Cath Hemley And President Lloyd Mill.

Please do a brief application addressing the guidelines then send us all copies by the end
of Friday November 25th.

This may seem like bureaucratic nonsense to some, but believe me this is the only way
we, or any cavers, will be able to visit this cave on a regular basis. Don’t be put off by all
this, a visit to this cave is worth any inconvenience. Most of my caving career was spent
surveying this cave. The decoration is excellent but it was the complexity of the cave that
kept drawing me back.

Lloyd Mill

Guidelines for selecting participants on trips to restricted access caves