Davies Cave at Bats Ridge and more


07/03/2014 - 09/03/2014    
All Day

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Cavers – I am planning a caving trip. I have two alternative destinations: which one proceeds depends on commitments from possible participants and their wishes. One possibility is Davies Cave at Bats Ridge Private. There are still prospects for extension of this system (Vic’s longest). Virtually all the prospects require digging, but sometimes a major breakthrough can come from just a little hard work. The caving here is relaxed and easy, very suitable for beginners. Another possibility is DD31 (perhaps Vic’s best sporting cave). The trip I would propose here is NOT to the far end, but to several points part-way through that have prospects. This would be a chance to be part of important discoveries, IF they go …. Any other ideas for destinations on this weekend would be welcome – it all depends on what you’d most like to do. If interested, please contact me

Leader- peter.freeman@hotmail.com