DD4 Jones Ridge Cave


13/06/2014 - 15/06/2014    
All Day

A trip to DD4 Jones Ridge Cave will occur on Saturday 14 June. Divers Sandy and David will explore the sump at the far upstream limit of the cave. Other cavers are requested to join us, in order to assist in transporting dive equipment.

DD4 requires horizontal caving skills only. An ascent past a waterfall is made using aids, and protection. There is some crawling, but most of the way is walking height. There is little water immersion.

This initial dive by Sandy and David will require little equipment, so the Sherpa task is not onerous. It will be a fun trip, but important. Please take advantage of this opportunity to visit one of our very best caves. At the sump you will be almost 2km from the entrance – that’s as remote as you’ll ever get in Victoria. Trip duration 8-9 hours.

Logistics are to travel to Drik Drik on Friday evening, cave in DD4 on Saturday, and possibly do some fill-in work locally on Sunday 15 June before returning to Melbourne.

Contact trip Leader
Perter Freeman – peter.freeman@hotmail.com