Elk River Trip


23/05/2014 - 25/05/2014    
All Day


Homeleigh - Buchan
15 Gelantipy Rd, Buchan, Victoria, 3885

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Elk River Trip in May !
Dry cavers to assist cave divers are required on the weekend 24 May 2014. Divers will travel to the far downstream reaches of the Master Cave to perform underwater exploration. The dry-support role is to help the dive team get their equipment down to stream level on Saturday and back out on Sunday.

The trip through Baby Berger to Elk River is a good one, even for non-divers. While this is a working trip in support of a serious project, it is not too hard, and all except early beginners would be able to participate in it and enjoy it. It is an opportunity to see one of the better caves at Buchan and to also be involved in something useful and important, and should interest all serious Vic cavers.
SRT competence is required. Getting wet in the stream is optional.

Contact leaders Liz Rogers e.r.rogers@gmail.com

Peter Freeman peter.freeman@hotmail.com