Exponential Pot Trip


28/03/2014 - 30/03/2014    
All Day


Homeleigh - Buchan
15 Gelantipy Rd, Buchan, Victoria, 3885

VSA has been running one trip per year into this great cave since about 2009. The cave is highly protected due to its excellent state of preservation, so the trips are rare, carefully managed, and always have a genuine working objective. So far the main objective has been to check and improve the mapping of the system, with the result being the publication last year of The Exponential Atlas. Photo-documentation of the cave is also undertaken, with the re…sults supplied to PV.

The main objective for the next trip will be to enter the more remote southern area and check the surveying and mapping. This part of the cave is the least documented, and mapping improvement is almost certain to result. Some surveying might be undertaken. Six members are allowed in the party. One might be taken by a PV employee. I will be the leader. SRT is required, but only for the 14m entrance pitch – easy. Otherwise, any competent and careful caver who can make a positive contribution is welcome. VSA hopes to continue these genuine working trips into the cave in future years, and participants in the current series of visits will eventually provide the new leaders.

I am planning for the next trip to be on the weekend 28-29-30 March, subject to sufficient early commitment. If you’re interested but that date is not suitable, suggest alternatives to me and I will try to juggle the date. Contact me: here, or to my email

leader – peter.freeman@hotmail.com