Mole Creek Caving Weekend – Closed


29/02/2024 - 03/03/2024    
All Day


This is a fantastic opportunity for the newer cavers to see another world of caving. This weekend will be organised by Nadine Muresan and you will need to be an ASF member and have experience in ropes. Not all caves will be vertical but experience is needed. You will need wet caving gear as most caves will be wet.
These caves are spectacular and are almost all permit caves so I’ll need number confirmation by early January. In terms of logistics there will be cars going on the boat and the rest fly ensuring gear goes across. We split the costs. Accommodation has been booked and once again split costs once we know numbers.

Don’t book anything yet, please only click ‘going’ if you fully intend to commit. For further details I’ll send an email out to those that say they are interested.

Let go caving!!!