Mullamulang Cave Seismic Survey- Nullarbor

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Date(s) - 13 Aug 2017 until 17 Aug 2017
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM



Primary Contact
Harvey,, Phone: N/A

Information about the trip

  1. We are interested in recruiting active cavers who can help out in the survey.

The trip is being planned to start on or about August 13 from Adelaide and will proceed to Mullamullang to do a 3-4 day seismic survey about the surface around Mullamullang plus a little actual caving. The aim is to follow up a survey the writer and Dick (“Mad Dog”) Heffernan did in October 1968. In that survey we used a gravity meter to conduct a rather limited geophysical survey.

We found then

(a) indication that the main passage of Mullamullang continued to south west of the entrance doline.

(b) indication of a comparable passage to the main passage — 3km long – of Mullamullang — at 100m or so to the south east. But because in 100 degree F heat of October it was not practical to perform a traditional survey. So the 1969 results lacked the vital proof that the surface anomalies Mad Dog and I found did in fact match the explored (and mapped) cave passages. But 48 years later with GPS we can easily match a surface survey with the map of (underground) Mullamullang.

To run the survey seismic input is required by striking the ground with a 10 kg hammer. Say 50 times in a day.
Hence we are interested in recruiting active cavers who can help out in the survey. Two off road vehicles are available.


Harvey & Henry Shannon.

Email Harvey to get further details of the trip .