New Guinea Ridge Caving – Easter Weekend


19/04/2019 - 22/04/2019    
All Day


Homeleigh - Buchan
15 Gelantipy Rd, Buchan, Victoria, 3885

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New Guinea Ridge – Easter Weekend

The three major cave systems in the New Guinea Ridge area are New Guinea Cave (NG-1), Nuigini Namba Fav Cave (NG-5, NG-6) and the unnamed NG-2. This trip aims to visit NG1 and NG5. NG2 is an archeologically significant cave and is gated. It will not be possible to enter that cave on this trip. The aim is to enter NG1 and NG5. The caves are on a reserve and require a permit to enter. As such, the trip depends on a permit being issued by Parks.

New Guinea Cave begins in a large spur-top doline. This system is fed by an intermittent stream and consists of passages which are essentially joint controlled and which extend for a surveyed distance of 400 m. The cave has developed on several levels, with small chambers connected by narrow and generally high stream passage (vadose canyon). The upper level passages are frequently modified by rock fall and partially infilled with clayey gravels, mud and bat guano. The cave is an important sheltering for Minopterus Schreiberii (Little Bent Wing Bat) and is regarded as one of the few caves in the area used by pregnant females for acclimatisation prior to the birth season.

Nuigini Namba Fav Cave is an extensive stream passage cave which is aligned parallel to, and a few metres below, the surface gully drainage channel. The surface stream sinks into fractured Snowy River Volcanics approximately 50 m upstream from the contact with the limestones and the surface expression of the cave system is represented by several solution dolines occurring in the surface drainage channel further downstream. The cave consists of a low, wet meandering stream passage which extends for 500 m and which opens into a large chamber at the upstream end. This chamber is well decorated and contains well preserved examples of a number of uncommon cave decorations.

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Accommodation will be based from Homeleigh and we will drive up each day. The drive is about an hour each way and requires a 4WD. 

Access to the caves is weather dependent due to  the nature of the track.

The plan is to go into NG-1 on the Friday and then then NG-5 on Saturday. Sunday is a catch up day in case weather is a problem on the other two days.  If all goes well weatherwise the plan is to have a look at Slocombes Cave on the Sunday (or wet weather day). Alternatively, depending popular demand, we could go to some other caves in the Buchan area. Specific additional caves will depend on the interest of the group at the time.

Please contact Nigel Cooke ( to for further details or to register your interest.

Trip leader: Nigel Cooke