SRT Training


12:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Whipstick Gully Road
Whipstick Gully Rd, Warrandyte
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An afternoon to learn SRT for beginners. Also an opportunity for the more experienced wanting to get some practice.

The venue is the quarry on Whipstick Gully Road at Warrandyte. The plan is to start about 12PM so either have lunch on the way out or bring it with you. There are several cafés/bakeries nearby if you want something fresh. We will go through until 4PM. We need to be packed up and off site before it gets dark so we can’t extend past 4PM.

There are no toilet facilities on site but there numerous cafes/hotels nearby with facilities. I will also bring my portable toilet.

Mandatory equipment is helmet. I believe everyone who has nominated already has one so that should not be an issue. Let me know if you need one.

Gloves would also be useful since we will be handling ropes and we want to avoid any friction burns.

SRT kit. If you have any SRT gear then bring it along. If you don’t that’s okay, we have spare gear but may have to share it.

Rugged outdoors clothing is okay for this exercise. Anyone who wants to practice in their full caving wear (caving suit, overalls, etc) is welcome to do so. The weather for Sunday is currently forecast to be sunny but cool (13 deg). Best to wear several layers so that you can take off or put on to keep warm/cool depending on what you are doing during the afternoon.

I can bring the tools for a barbecue picnic lunch if anyone is interested.

If the weather looks like it will become wet as we get closer to the day then we may have to cancel.