Thailand Expedition 12-27th January 2013


12/01/2013 - 26/01/2013    
All Day


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Krabi Thailand
Phet Chakasem Rd, Krabi

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This trip has yet to be sanctioned by the VSA, please treat it as information and a personal invitation only.

The potential for discovery of un-explored cave in Thailand, and S.E. Asia is always high. Buddhist culture reveres caves as sacred places and it can often be “easy” to find large systems that have yet to be explored by cavers.
The plan for Krabi is to explore and survey a stream cave estimated to be 2.5 km long.  This is in the grounds of a nice resort, so very handy. Once that is done I expect folks will want to move closer to the beach. There is at least one other cave where there is still perhaps 1 km to survey/explore. Bored with all that there are some caves near Phang Nga town, 50 km to the north, that need to be explored.
The Brits have settled on the dates 12 – 27th January for a caving expedition to Krabi.
Potentially you could plan to go for only one week of these two, but I have put together a rough itinerary and budget based on these dates.
Flights with Thai Airways and Thai Smile Airways would total approx. $1700.  The itinerary for these flights (including 20kg luggage):
Depart 12/01/2013 00:30 (TG462) Saturday morning from MEL direct to BKK arriving 05:44
Depart 12/01/2013 07:05 (TG741 Thai Smile) Saturday morning BKK to KBV
Depart 25/01/2013 17:05 (TG738 Thai Smile) Friday afternoon KBV to BKK
Depart 26/01/2013 00: 15 (TG465) Saturday morning BKK to MEL arriving 13:25

If two or more cavers attend in addition to myself I would suggest hiring a vehicle.   For the full two weeks a large 4×4 or large minivan would cost $700, divided by the number of cavers.
Otherwise, if there is only a couple of us going we potentially can share transport with the other group.

I’m not sure of the resort that we would be staying at the first week.  I would budget at very most $40/room night.  Typically we twin share rooms.
I couldn’t imagine spending more than $20/day on food and drink, but this will vary per day and how much beer you drink ; )

To reiterate, this is a rough budget, but I would imagine the two weeks would cost at most approx. $2500.  The flights are 25% less for children.

Presently, I have had tentative interest expressed from Peter, Nina and Topaz.  FYI the caving should be all horizontal and based in tourist accommodation. Thai tourist visa is 30 days, you apply on arrival.  Krabi is a family-friendly chilled tourist town but also the gateway to the islands (Phi PhiRailayAo Nang etc), so there is potential for other activities: rock climbing, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sightseeing – cultural etc.  Basically, it will be a comfortable but adventurous surveying/caving expedition based in a quieter tourist town with other friendly cavers.

Let me know if you’re interested or you have any questions via the following form.


Bookings are closed for this event.