In addition to publishing regular newsletters and journalsover the years, the Victorian Speleological Association Inc. has produced several pamphleats, guide books and conference proceedings. All documents that you may find here are the sole property of the VSA whom also reserves all applicable rightts and holds copyright over all of these documents.


Monthly newsletter and journal

The VSA newsletter is published 6 or 7 times a year , alternating with the more substantial Nargun journal which is published 4 times a year . They appear monthly except for the months of January and June. The newsletter is sent all members , preferably as a PDF file via email, or a printed copy via post. The Nargun journal is posted to all members, subscribers and other clubs, libratrys and Speleological associatios `


Caving in Victoria

VSA Pamphlet

Bat Census form.


VSA History poster.

VSA Pamphlet