Wombeyan caves, NSW. August 2017

On our way to the UIS conference in Penrith, Mara and I called in to Wombeyan. Andy Spate was conducting a pre-conference tour for overseas visitors and offered to take us with them.

VSA’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations: Grand View Hotel, Fairfield

VSA has booked the venue for our 50th year of caving achievements. What is happening: There will be nibbles provided at the start of the evening. Dinner: There is no need to prepay for dinner, you can buy your drinks and dinner on the night Games: There will be light cave games to play: So …

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Fauna of a granite cave: first data from Britannia Creek Cave (3GP10-48)

Published report by VSA member Silvana Iannello | Fauna of a granite cave: first data from Britannia Creek Cave (3GP10-48). Abstract There are few studies in Australia on the fauna of granite caves. Britannia Creek Cave is a granite cave heavily used for recreation yet it has never been mapped nor has the cave fauna …

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Photographic Survey of Buchan Caves

Daryl Carr recently led a team into the caves at Buchan to make a photo record of some of the caves. The VSA & FOBCR have combined on a project to Image the Great Chambers of Buchan caves,  To date we have dealt with imaging the chambers in 3 of the major Buchan caves. Another …

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VSA from Down Under to Up and Under in UK December 2015

Bullpot Farm

VSA members Abhi, Mel and Neil, under leadership of Neil, went to UK in December 2015. It was near the peak of winter in UK and rather cold. There was even snow on one of the days when we walked to a cave in the morning and a massive waterfall in that cave on our …

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Federal Cave Centenary

Over 80 visitors were conducted through the cave on 7th November as part of a celebration of the resurrection of the old tourist cave. Friends of Buchan Caves & VSA members showed the works and improvements in the cave including solar powered LED lighting.     Friends of Buchan Caves & VSA members


Great weekend of caving in Bucahn Doug, Sil, Shane, Kyle, Abhi

Limestone strata

This photo was taken by Gary Smith from NHVSS in December. We are facing east looking over Slocombe’s cave from the farmhouse on the hill. On previous visits to this place the ground was covered by pasture grass and other weeds so that the bedding plane of the limestone was obscured. Cattle had grazed most …

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VSA visits NSW Jenolan’s Mammoth & Oolight 2014

DD31 2014

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