DD31 2014

Cave Craze for women

Shape magazine article Please click here to see VSA latest ladies in action Caving Craze

Mole creek, Tas

I have just returned from Tasmania where I visited King Solomon’s cave.A conducted tour but a good cave all the same. The Column was dead straight and about 12 cm thick. Note the handrail at the bottom of picture for scale. It would be about4 or 5 metres tall. Also a nice straw about 2 …

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VSA has been running one trip per year into this great cave since about 2009. The cave is highly protected due to its excellent state of preservation, so the trips are rare, carefully managed, and always have a genuine working objective. So far the main objective has been to check and improve the mapping of …

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An update from a caver friend in NZ.

A cavers holiday diary By Andrew Smith Greg came running from the car to my front door, close on his heals was Seb running to dodge the down pour. “Got the jug on” It was obvious that the mid day start was not going to happen. This was the setting for the first chapter in …

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Elk River trip report

I’m going to have to interrupt my recounting of our Indonesia adventures (Part 1 and Part 2 so far) to bring you up to date on this weekend in Elk River. We had an epic 17 hour trip underground to achieve the stated mission of extending the line in sump 9. My last trip into Elk was back in …

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Naracoorte Sep. 2013

On 7th Sept VSA met up with cavers from SA at Naracoorte for a weekend of caving and a sit down dinner on Saturday night. The park ranger took a party into Victoria fossil cave to see the bone dig and display of the marsupial lion. (Thylacoleo carnifex)        This is a sandcone, a …

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Skipton Lava Cave trip July 2013

  If I said something about a Saturday adventure starting at 11.15am with milky coffee, a farmer’s paddock, sheep and a man wearing pink overalls… you probably wouldn’t have thought I was speaking about a caving trip. But, that’s exactly how a day out at Mt Widderin started. Given the ‘beginner’ status of the trip …

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Thailand expedition 2013

Nina, caving in Tham Thewada, Thailand

In January, three VSA members joined cavers from the Shepton Mallet for a caving expedition in Krabi, Thailand.  A few caves were surveyed, rocks were climbed and good times ensued. I’ve included some of Topaz’s photos below, but check out his Flickr stream from the trip.  If you’re interested in exploring Thailand, view Martin’s website on Caves & …

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ABC Catalyst: Weebubbie Cave

ABC Catalyst TV program features VSA members and friends exploring Weebubbie Cave on the Nullabor.  Check out the Catalyst website and Liz Rogers’ Photography.

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