Apr 08

VSA from Down Under to Up and Under in UK December 2015

VSA members Abhi, Mel and Neil, under leadership of Neil, went to UK in December 2015. It was near the peak of winter in UK and rather cold. There was even snow on one of the days when we walked to a cave in the morning and a massive waterfall in that cave on our …

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Nov 10

Federal Cave Centenary

Over 80 visitors were conducted through the cave on 7th November as part of a celebration of the resurrection of the old tourist cave. Friends of Buchan Caves & VSA members showed the works and improvements in the cave including solar powered LED lighting.     Friends of Buchan Caves & VSA members

Jul 14

Nullarbor 2015

Proof that we are not the first to visit this cave A doline with 6 metre pitch.                                                              Remains of a settlers hut VSA have completed another successful Nullarbor expedition. No dinosaurs or 50 metre dolines were found but we did note many small features and blowholes. There were may indications of aboriginal visits and more …

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Jun 28


Great weekend of caving in Bucahn Doug, Sil, Shane, Kyle, Abhi

Feb 14

Limestone strata

This photo was taken by Gary Smith from NHVSS in December. We are facing east looking over Slocombe’s cave from the farmhouse on the hill. On previous visits to this place the ground was covered by pasture grass and other weeds so that the bedding plane of the limestone was obscured. Cattle had grazed most …

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Jan 30

VSA visits NSW Jenolan’s Mammoth & Oolight 2014

Jan 30

DD31 2014

Jun 25

Cave Craze for women

Shape magazine article Please click here to see VSA latest ladies in action Caving Craze

Jun 16

Nullarbor 2014

      The Nullarbor expedition members have returned after 3 weeks on the plain. A party of 13 were joined by the park ranger to explore and map the caves and blowholes in the limestone of South Australia.                         This was our home for 3 weeks ,     ,     ,   …

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Mar 18

Mole creek, Tas

I have just returned from Tasmania where I visited King Solomon’s cave.A conducted tour but a good cave all the same. The Column was dead straight and about 12 cm thick. Note the handrail at the bottom of picture for scale. It would be about4 or 5 metres tall. Also a nice straw about 2 …

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